Beachside Valet is here to turn any day at the beach to a day in a tropical paradise. We offer blanket-to-blanket delivery of ice cream, water, and snacks just from the order of an app. You can also rent umbrellas and chairs so you can relax in your favorite beach spot in total comfort.

Rent a fat tire bike or a 4 passenger surrey bike to explore the beach on wheels, and when you’re ready to explore the open waters, we’ll have kayaks or paddle boards ready for you. Some of our locations offer evening movie screenings right on the beach and moonlight tours — we’ll take LED-lit kayaks out on the bay or explore the fascinating bioluminescent Plankton off the shores of Playa Blanca in Cartagena, Colombia. After our night kayaking adventure, we’ll unwind by a fire on the beach and savor some delicious s’mores.

Order And Pay In App. No need to to leave your towel and make the hike to concession stand or the dig for cash. Track Status Of Your Order. You can track your status to know when your meals are being processed and being delivered. We Deliver right to your chair or blanket.

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